Company's Profile:

Bristol Mayer Biotech Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. Pharmaceuticals, actively operating in the health industry since 2010, has been offering the products thereof used in numerous different treatment fields such as gynecology , Chest Diseases, , Pediatrics, Urology, Dermatology, Oncology, Cardiology and Surgery, Intensive Care, Anesthesia to the service of medicine.

Bristol Mayer Biotech Pakistan Pvt. Ltd has taken its place among the most outstanding representatives of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry, always acting within the framework of ethical rules by adopting the principles of respect, reliability and pioneering to physicians and pharmacists, patients, state institutions and organizations, business partners and employees.

Bristol Mayer Biotech Pakistan Pvt. Ltd collaborating with numerous international companies such as; Vem liac, Alphacaps, OFI, Turkuazsaglik, Farmak, Sanzyme, YSP SAH, PHIL Inter Pharma, Magistra C&C & many more in line with its targets is determined to have a stable presence in the Pakistan pharmaceutical sector and without departing from its goal of sustainable growth educated and young hardworking staff thereof.

established in 2018

Our Mission:

Our vision is to be a pharmaceutical company setting the highest standards of quality , efficacy and safety in pharmaceutical products, so that we can partner humanity in its progress towards a healthier world.

Our Vision:

Our mission is to extend and enhance quality of life by providing highest quality health care products at affordable prices in Pakistan & Afghanistan.